State Court Cases Requiring Criminal Defense

Whether charged with a citation, warrant or indictment, most criminal cases are handled in state court.
As an attorney experienced at all levels of state court, I can analyze your case to uncover both the helpful and harmful parts to prepare a defense unique for each person while challenging the state’s case. This allows me to fight for the best outcome based on the facts and the law.

My experience has involved representation in

  • General Sessions Court;
  • Criminal and Circuit Courts;
  • Court of Criminal Appeals;
  • Tennessee Supreme Court;

and has ranged from preliminary hearings to trial, direct appeal or post conviction.

Listening to and working with closely the client are critical to providing the needed legal representation.

If you  expect to be accused of a crime, you should consult with a qualified attorney as soon as possible. No rights should be waived without a good understanding of the consequences of giving up important rights.

Because the relationship between the state and federal judicial systems is increasingly important, that relationship needs to also be considered in determining how the case should be handled to help keep the client from ending up in federal court.

Each person has a unique experience in life, and that experience should be explored and used when to the client’s advantage when preparing a defense for trial, for a sentencing hearing or during an appeal.

If a conviction occurs, sentencing is critical to make certain that the any punishment is not more severe than warranted for the particular facts and circumstances of the offense.