Military Practice

The Uniform Code of Military Justice is the backbone of court system in the armed services. While similar to federal law, it has many unique features that will influence the final outcome.  Having been a Judge Advocate in the Marine Corps provides the experience and familiarity needed to help you navigate this legal system.

My representation includes:

  •     General Courts Martial
  •     Special Court Martial (non-BCD)
  •     BCD Court Martial
  •     Rule 32 investigations

Similarly,  administrative hearings in the military can have devastating impact on your life and should be taken very seriously, especially if it is likely to threaten your livelihood.  For example, if you are facing an administrative discharge hearing, the outcome could effect your ability to get a job even after you have returned to the civilian world.

Having a lawyer who understands the proceedings and who will fight for you is absolutely necessary to protect your rights and to have the best opportunity for the best outcome.

Sometimes, you need help dealing with incorrect records.  I can assist you in preparing submissions to the appropriate board for correction of military records that is specific for your service.